Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

by Astrid Lindgren, dramatization by Johan Gille

Categories: for children, family shows
Appropriate age: 5+


For two hundred years, the robber clans of Mattis and Borka had been at war. The feud between them was passed down from father to son, and no one even remembered why they actually hated each other anymore. But hatred had become a part of their lives. And everything would have continued for who knows how long, if this hadn't happened one day - a daughter, Ronja, was born to the robber Mattis.
At the same time, Mattis' mortal enemy, Borka, had a son, Birk. Not long after, the two children met and everything went wrong... Or maybe it got better?
A "robber's" story about true friendship, childish self-confidence and not-so-childish determination that can change everything for the better.

Наталия Василева


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