AboutState Puppet Theatre Plovdiv Bulgaria

Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv had toured in more than 40 countries, taking part in many international festivals and is a laureate of more than 80 prestigious awards.


State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv was founded in 1946. The theater is repertory, financed by the Ministry of Culture and actively supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv. It is a holder of the order "Cyril and Methodius" - 1st degree. Over 350 titles have been played for 76 creative seasons as of 2023. Up to 5 new productions are realized annually, which are presented to no less than 40,000 spectators. Six of the theater's performances are in the "Golden Fund" of Bulgarian National Television.

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The theatre’s strategy is the production of full-value repertory staging for both children and adults. Along with them we keep looking for “small” (mobile) forms of theatre in order to comply with the new economic conditions. In both cases no compromising is made with the artistic and aesthetic merits. The theatre’s team demands for highly professional, dynamic, up-to-date staging full of fresh and subtle sense of humor and improvisation, being apart from the purely commercial production. State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv is open for new ideas, constructive artistic contacts, national and international projects for cultural cooperation, stage arts and theatrical management. It has been successful in producing guest staging for children and adults from the country and abroad.


State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv has a professionally equipped stage, an open-air stage and a mobile stage for outdoor events, which are used for various local and regional events. The theater also has two rehearsal rooms, a studio for puppets, costumes and sets, and a recording studio.

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