History State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv

"Today's opening of the Plovdiv Puppet Theater was achieved with a lot of hard work and persistence. Quite a few difficulties had to be overcome. But we have no doubt that many more successes will be achieved in the process of work."

from "Today the puppet theater opens in Plovdiv", article in "Otechestven glas", issue no. 1233, 19.09.1948

State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv is one of the first puppet theaters in the country, founded in 1946 by the ventriloquist and puppeteer Georgi Saravanov. Despite the difficulties and uncertainty during its first steps, it very quickly stood out with its diverse program for all ages - from fairy tales for children to political satire for adults.

Over the years, some of the brightest artists in the history of Bulgarian theater have worked on the Plovdiv puppet stage. Their achievements have brought them numerous personal awards, as well as dozens of honors for the performances created in the theater. In a short time, the State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv established itself as one of the leaders in our country in the development and research of new means in the puppet-theatre language. The international recognition of the troupe's creative achievements is not long in coming:

"Until now, we thought that the puppet character could not express and live through emotions. Plovdiv's Pertushka disproved us... I would argue with anyone, proving that this is the most successful Petrushka in the world."

- Prof. Henrik Yurkowski, Poland, Honorary President of UNIMA since 1992, commentary on the play "Petrushka", directed by Julia Ognyanova

The theater is repertory, financed by the Ministry of Culture and is actively supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv. It is a holder of the order "Cyril and Methodius" - 1st degree. Over 350 titles have been played for 76 creative seasons as of 2023. Up to 5 new productions are realized annually, which are presented to no less than 40,000 spectators. State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv has presented its performances in over 40 countries at various international forums and festivals and is the winner of over 80 prestigious awards. Six of the theater's performances are in the "Golden Fund" of Bulgarian National Television.

Since 1977, the State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv initiated and organized a festival form - "International Review of the Puppet Miniature", which since 1990 obtained the status of an international festival with the title "Three are too many, two - not enough", which purpose is to present in front of specialists and a wide audience, the best achievements of the "small form" and to enter with its own face in the European and world festival chain. Since 2012, the festival has been a biennial, and a side event has been created for it, which is united under the name "TheatAir". It is aimed at spectacles and performances in open urban spaces, with the aim of popularizing the possibilities of puppet theater art and attracting a wide audience interest.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the theater collected and published a Chronicle, and in 2022 - an addition to it. The paper editions can be purchased at the theater and the digital version can be read below. The chronicles are in Bulgarian and in English. 

Chronicle "70 years State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv" Chronicle "75 years State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv - addition"