Dimitar Nikolov - Shablata Actor in the State Puppet Theater Plovdiv


Dimitar Nikolov, also known as Shablata, graduated in “Acting for puppet theatre” in VITIZ “Kr. Sarafov” in 1992 in the class of Prof. Atanas Ilkov. In the same year he became part of the Sofia theatre for new form “Stroke” with the productions “Faces”, “The World” and “The Sky, when you look at it from below”.

Creative theater experience

From 1995 to 2000, he was part of the troupe of the State Puppet Theater Sliven and participated in the productions "Hamlet", "Robinson", "Magic Night" and "The Sick Tram". In the same period, he played in the "Stefan Kirov"-Sliven Drama Theater in the performances "The Man in the White Shirt", "The Prince and the Beggar", "The Long Road of Day to Night".
Since 2000, he is part of the troupe of the Plovdiv State Puppet Theater. Participated in over forty productions, some of which: "White Fairy", "The Wolf and the Seven Goats", "Magic Fairy Tale", "The Magician's Daughter", "The Little Dragon with Purple Eyes", "Little Mook", "Winnie the Pooh", "A Robber's Tale," "Kose Bose," "The Puppy Who Couldn't Bark" and "What a Crocodile!", "The Nose," "The Jubilee King," "Little Tzaches Called Cinnabar," "The Desire Called Faust," " Hamlet", "The Bowler hat".
Participated in the television shows "Ghosts and Goblins" and "Nail" on Bulgarian National Television, also in the film productions "Medicine against fear" (1987), "Plontek" (1991), "Guardian of the Dead" (2006), "Undercover" and "The Pig" (2017).
Participates in initiatives and campaigns of the State Puppet Theater - Plovdiv, related to puppetry, animation, work with children of different age groups.
He conducted a children's theater troupe with children from 7 to 15 years of age at the Plovdiv Cultural Institute. 

Наталия Василева


Current performances

15 June 10:30

Ronja the Robber's Daughter

A "robber's" story about true friendship, childish self-confidence and not-so-childish determination that can change everything for the better.


Winnie the Pooh

Pooh - the beloved bear of young and old, goes in search of his friend Christopher Robin, whom he has not seen for a long time - since last Friday!


The Bowler Hat

Creating a performance based on the novel "The Bowler Hat" is a challenge and an opportunity to enter the universe that is Jordan Radichkov...

25 May 10:30

The dog that couldn't bark

A story about the frames in which we are placed and how good it is to be yourself, as you are.

08 June 10:30

What a crocodile!

For the first time in Bulgaria on the state of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv there is a performance in which the sand is the main instrument to draw the figures and to retell the story...

23 June 10:30

Safe tale

"Safe Tale" is an educational show that will teach children the basic rules...