Winnie the Pooh

based on A. A. Milne

Categories: for children, family shows
Appropriate age: 5+


Pooh - the beloved bear of young and old, goes in search of his friend Christopher Robin, whom he has not seen for a long time - since last Friday!, because his big bear heart cannot find comfort.
By chance, he finds himself in a honey factory and meets him there, only to find that he is changed. He manages to get him back to theBig forest where he meets Rabbit, Piglet, Owl and Eeyore.
They will remind him how good it was back then, that the correct spelling is "hunny" and not "honey", that the past cannot be changed, but it can change us! That a hug always helps. That more is more!

Duration: 45 min. |  Premiere: 30.06.2023 | Language: Bulgarian

 Photographer: Vanessa Popova

Наталия Василева


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