The invisible Tonino

Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

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19 May (Sunday) 10:30 Tickets
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Categories: for children, family shows
Appropriate age: 5+


"I have no homework, no lessons!" – says Tonino to his mother and the Lie appears next to him. She is a character in the act, an active participant and instigator. Tonino, who doesn't lie, starts to use her and she bocomes stronger and stronger until she is powerful enough to make the greatest wish of every child that goes to school without homework, come true - she makes him invisible. "If you are invisible, you can't be tested!" And so, begins Tonino's big adventure. How many times each of us dremt of what it's like to be invisible. How cool will it be? How creative we can get and how happily invisible! And here comes the great question: is there an invisible happiness? 

IKAR 2023 Award in the "Puppet Show" category
Nomination for the Plovdiv Award 2023 in the category "Work of art intended for children"

Duration: 55 min. | Premiere: 26.06.2022

Also participate in the play:

  • Cinematographer: Georgi Marinov
  • Assistant cameraman: Svetlin Yordanov
  • Editing: Stefan Dimitrov
  • Makeup: Tinna Panayotova
  • Hair: Maria Pavlova
  • Costume designer: Aneta Zombori and Rositsa Guberova
  • Photographer: Gergana Damyanova
Наталия Василева