Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Categories: for adults
Appropriate age: 16+


“Hamlet” is a performance dedicated to those who have read the eternal masterpiece of William Shakespeare, to those who intend to read it, and to those who have never heard of its existence. The text is based on both Shakespeare's original and the ironic commentary of the American Shakespeare scholar Richard Armor - "Twisted Tales from Shakespeare". The torments of the Prince of Denmark in the Ellsinore Castle are presented as a tragic farce with marionettes and improvised puppets.

If you feel yourself like “plunging” in the works of the great bard, listening to some heavy-metal music, or if you are a fan of the fast food joints this performance by State Puppet Theatre – Plovdiv is just for you. “Hamlet” – a tragedy of revenge!

Duration: 60 min. |  Premiere: 29/05/2001    

Photos: Vanessa Popova

The performance was part of the program of more than 10 international theatre festivals, including ones in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, and won a number of prestigious awards.

Наталия Василева