Who am i?

Theater for babies / 6 months - 3 years /. Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Who am i? Theater for babies / 6 months - 3 years /

The performance is a walk through the incredible world of animals that children know from books. But our books are different - everything in them comes to life.

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25 June (Tuesday) 10:30 Tickets
Categories: for babies
Appropriate age: 1+


A little catterpilar discovers the world and the creatures that live in it. Eventually she learns a lot and grows up and turns into a beautiful butterfly. The performance is an emotional encounter with the actresses and the puppets, filled with warmth and love. At the end the little spectators are more than welcome to stroll around the decor, feel it and become familiar with the art of puppetry up close. 

Duration: 30 min. |  Premiere: 15.04.2022

  • Photographer: Vanessa Popova
Наталия Василева


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