The queen of spades

Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

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23 May (Thursday) 19:00 Tickets
Categories: for adults
Appropriate age: 14+


The game of cards or the game of fate. The game we dream of winning and thus achieve happiness, love, fulfilment, power. The game which whirls the desires within us. This is the theme explored by the team in the performance. The desires which slowly swell, obsess us, obey us and finally swirl us up into their power to spit us out - crooked and monstrous semi human. Or the desires suppressed, hidden, and concealed by fear or insecurity, which let us rehash the grey routine of our everyday existence while expecting the mystical salvation. What becomes of a man crucified between the forces of the darkness and the light?
“Queen of Spades” is a performance for the salvation and the curse, the tearing passion and the false humility.

Duration: 70 min. | Premiere: 09/02/2016

Also participate in the play:

  • Stage design: Marieta Golomehova
  • Assistant stage-designer: Eduardo Planas Abarca
  • Photographer: Ivan Donchev / Gergana Damyanova
  • Stage and costume design attelier: Gergana Stamatova, Elitsa Marinova, Elina Ivanova – Mincheva, Angelina Rizova – Yanakieva, Vesko Gharkov, Gergana Mantarlieva, Nikola Bozadzhiev


The Performance Has Winner Of The "Plovdiv" Award In The Category Of Art And Culture, In The "Theater" Section 2016;

Grand Prix Award - Best Show For Adults From The International Puppet Theater Festival For Adults "Pierrot" 2017, Stara Zagora;

Directing Award For Veselka Kuncheva For "The Queen Of Spades" At The International Puppet Theater Festival For Adults "Pierrot" 2017, Stara Zagora;

Awards For "The Queen Of Spades" From The International Puppet Festival "The Golden Dolphin 2017", Varna, Were Received - Veselka Kuncheva - For Directing, Marieta Golomehova - For Scenography And Hristo Namliev - For Original Music.

Ikar Award 2017 Receives Veselka Kuncheva For Directing The Queen Of Spades By A. Pushkin, Given By The Guild Of Creators In Puppet Art.

Sivina Award Nomination For Velizar Evtimov For The Role Of Count Tomsky In The Queen Of Spades.

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