"On the Edge of the Sky"

directed by Veselka Kuncheva

Categories: family shows
Appropriate age: 6+


When I was a little girl, so small that I hardly reached the edge of the table, I used to have an imaginary friend. Together we traveled, day and night, and we visited all the corners of the planet. We were laughing together, we were playing together, we stayed silent together and we were inseparable. One day this friend of mine disappeared and I forgot him. And now, after so many years, I am here to tell you of a little boy who becomes a friend with the most unlikely friend – a witch. Will he be able to preserve this friendship or shall it be forgot as it happened with mine… this is something that even the author fails to know...

Photos: Alexander Богдан Thompson

Duration: 90 min. |  Premiere: 30/09/2011 / 14/03/2024


IKAR Award by The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) 2012 in the category "Best Puppet Performance" and nomination in the category "Masterful Technical Performance" 

Наталия Василева


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