Rumen Karamanov Actor in Plovdiv Puppet Theatre

Born on 14.09.1972

Creative theater experience

He graduated from VITIZ "Kr. Sarafov" in 1994, in the class of Prof. Nikolina Georgieva. In the same year, he became part of the troupe of the Plovdiv Puppet Theater. For his role in "The Desire Called Faust", directed by Sergey Stolyarov, he was awarded the “Plovdiv Award”. He played in over thirty productions in the theater, some of which: "The Snow Queen", directed by Veselin Boydev (2000), "The Little Prince", directed by Ruslan Kudashov (2008), "A Robber's Tale", directed by Eva Kyosovska (2004), "Easter Wine" directed by Leonard Capon (2012) and others.


Current performances

25 May 10:30

The dog that couldn't bark

A story about the frames in which we are placed and how good it is to be yourself, as you are.

23 June 10:30

Safe tale

"Safe Tale" is an educational show that will teach children the basic rules...


The son of God

The real Christmas tale that reveals to us how easy it is to be good and believe in the light.



It is a different and attractive performance that presents the serious Shakespearean plot with humor and lightness.

09 June 10:30

The extraordinary princess

This is a show for the different, for those who don't change because they have to. It's also a show about the responsibilities we have, whether you're extraordinary or not.


The lazy bee

A story about the bee who learns the importance of taking care of her flowers.