Ivelin Nikolov Actor in the State Puppet Theater – Plovdiv


In 2015, he graduated from the 1st English High School in Sofia. In 2020, NATFA "Kr. Sarafov", specialty "Acting Mastery for Puppet Theater" in the class of Prof. Zheni Pashova, ch. Assistant Dr. Michaela Tyuleva and Georgi Spasov.

Creative theater experience

Since 2020, Ivelin has been part of the troupe of the State Puppet Theater – Plovdiv. Before that he played on the stages of the “Nikolay Binev” Youth Theater, Sofia Theater, Atelier 313 Theater and Puppet Arts. In the Plovdiv Puppet Theater you can see him in the productions "The Stone Flower", directed by Slavcho Malenov (2022), "Dunno in the Sunny city", directed by Elitsa Petkova (2022), "The Bowler hat", directed by Katya Petrova (2021), “Don't look for trouble”, directed by Vanya Ivanova, “Thumbelina”, “The Dragon with Purple Eyes” and “The Three Little Pigs”.
Ivelin works as a voice actor at Profilms.

Наталия Василева


Current performances


Dunno in the Sunny city

"Dunno in the Sunny city" is a story about a child's strong effort to be good, but only because he wants to get his prize.


The Bowler Hat

Creating a performance based on the novel "The Bowler Hat" is a challenge and an opportunity to enter the universe that is Jordan Radichkov...

18 May 10:30

The flower of stone

Telling the old Ural fairy tale, I tried to give it not only a new appearance, but also a new meaning.

16 June 10:30


The wonderful tale of tiny Thumbelina and her big dreams.