Premiere "The Brave Lumberjack"

Today, March 22, you will see our latest performance - a performance in a naive-pathetic spirit, with a text written in the style of old fairy tales, played by three very "brave lumberjack-actors".

The director is Iroslav Petkov, known to the Plovdiv audience with the performances "The Ill Caries the Healthy One", "The Tale of Tsar Saltan", "The Little Red Riding Hood" and "Span Person - Elbow Beard". This time he does not rely on a classic story, but wrote the play himself, imbueing it with a lot of humor and unexpected twists. Iroslav Petkov also crafted some of the puppets. Together with scenographer Maria Ibrishimova and her original visual solutions, the team takes us through the rifts of a kingdom that may end up being split in two. From the royal palace through the dark forest to the lake from which no one returns - the path of the brave lumberjack passes through various trials and overcomes unexpected difficulties along the way. Mira Iskarova's music, performed on guitar by Bozhidar Banov-Porto, delicately accentuates the emotional charge of what is happening on stage.

Actors Yordan Stoyanov, Daniela Ruseva and Kalina Valcheva, who was awarded the "Sivina" Award for debut yesterday, take part in the show. They masterfully handle the curious style of the performance, in which the actors play together with their puppets, complement the gestures and empathize with them.

The pre-premiere of the performance took place yesterday and was part of the program with which the theater celebrated the World Puppetry Day.

Наталия Василева