What a crocodile!

Performance by State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Categories: for children
Appropriate age: 4+


For the first time in Bulgaria on the state of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv there is a performance in which the sand is the main instrument to draw the figures and to retell the story. "What a Crocodile!" is a title of this magical tale created with sand, light, music and pure actors' inspiration. The creative team - the author: Pancho Panchev; the director and graphic designer: Mariya Banova and the composer: Dimo Stoyanov are famous for another marvelous show of theirs - "The Princess and the Pig-tender." Telling the story of a child, a mother, a crocodile, a moon, a ball, a bird and a toy, it becomes clear that to be together is the most important issue on the shores of the sea they inhabit. The actors create unique images which leave the screen and start to live in the imagination of the audience.

Duration: 45 min. | Premiere: 05/05/2016

Also participate in the play:

  • Photographer: Gergana Stamatova
Наталия Василева