The Flower of Stone

performance by State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

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Categories: family shows
Appropriate age: 7+


"We've all heard the expression that "children are our greatest treasure". But what it means to them when we say "real treasure"? Children will usually say that their treasure is what they possess and not what they can do. This is sad, but true. From their early years, our children dream and long for different kinds of "flowers of stone" - expensive toys, shoes, clothes, entertainments... By telling this old Uralic story I tried not only to reshape it but to give it a new meaning, new sense. After seeing the play instead of dreaming about material things, children will begin to dream about their own adventures and creations made with their own hands, fruits of their own labor, persistence and love."

Mila Mašović-Nikolić
author of "The Flower of Stone"

Duration: 50 min. | Premiere: 02.12.2022

  • Photographer: Rosina Pencheva
Наталия Василева