The extraordinary princess

Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

The extraordinary princess Based on the stories by Krista Bendova

This is a show for the different, for those who don't change because they have to. It's also a show about the responsibilities we have, whether you're extraordinary or not. A show about the rules we live in and which sometimes it's good to break in order to invent new ones.

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Categories: for children
Appropriate age: 5+


In a most ordinary kingdom, the most extraordinary princess was born. When she grew up, to the king's dismay, she flatly refused to be kidnapped by a dragon and rescued by a prince to marry. And then the kingdom, which was the most honorable and famous of all kingdoms, began to lose its glory - to the king's still greater horror. Then he, with the help of his minister, summoned all the dragons and ordered the princess to be kidnapped. Because that's how it should be! Because that's what all princesses do. But… Princess Fili didn't agree at all. And because she exercised all her life, fought with swords and trained in athletics, she managed to defeat all the dragons. But because she loved her father too much, she still managed to help the kingdom regain its glory! With the help of those same dragons who were afraid and terrified of her.

Duration:  |   Premiere: 05/05/2023

  • Photographer: Vanessa Popova
Наталия Василева

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