Don’t get yourself in trouble

Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Don’t get yourself in trouble Author: Alexander Mihailov

“Don’t get yourself in trouble” is a performance about insects.

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Categories: for children
Appropriate age: 4+


“Don't get yourself in trouble” is a story about insects. The little spider Pipo gets free of his thread and he is about to go through so many things - as it is said - better let the sleeping dogs lie - yet this is the only way for him to discover a true new friend - the ant Goro. This show will meet you also with the several bees, a firefly, a beetle, the baby ladybug, Kiro the cricket and the butterfly Clara. Your special guide in the world of insects will be Ignat - the elf.

Duration: 40 min. | Premiere: 26/04/2014 |  Language: Bulgarian

  • Photographer: Rosina Pencheva


Award for Maia Petrova in the category "The artist's art in the solo performance" from the International Festival of the Solo Act monodrama in Gabrovo.

Special award for young artists to Ivelin Nikolov from the Solo Act International Monodrama Festival in Gabrovo - scholarship for training from the Union of Artists in Bulgaria and Marinov Actors studio - Dimitar Marinov's acting academy for screen arts.

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