Villain’s tale / A robber’s tale

Performance of State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Villain’s tale Based on the fairytale by Karel Capek

"Villain’s tale / A Robber's Tale" is a wonderful opportunity for an open dialogue with children on some of the most important topics of our time, told in their language.

Categories: family shows
Appropriate age: 6+


"Villain’s tale / A robber’s tale” comprises in its self-many themes – that of the ill ambitions of the parents; that of greed; the one of love; the one of people’s position in life… This is a nostalgic story for the past fairy times, for the real villains, for the pleasure to be robbed by a true villain with big moustaches and pointed heat. The final idea is that when a burglary is protected by law it becomes an obligatory part of the everyday life and stops to bother the conscience, which isn’t unfortunately nor funny, nor fairy, nor magical. And may be at the end the worlds of Chapek will come to our minds: “Children, if someone tells you that in fairy tales everything is fiction – do not believe him! In fairy tales everything is true – from the first up to the last word!”

Duration: 45 min. |  Premiere: 19.04.2002

Наталия Василева