The XXV International Puppet Theatre Festival "Three are too many, two - not enough" ended on September 6th with an award ceremony. The jury of Leonard Capon /chairman/, Vasil Rokomanov and RMagdalena Lupi Alvir gave out awards in the following categories:

  •  „Inspiring creative partnership”  -  Asya Atanasova and Delyan Kyosev for the performance "Hug me!", State Puppet Theatre Burgas, Bulgaria 
  •  „For provocative unity of performing, music and puppets” - Kevin Augustine, Lone Wolf Tribe, USA for the performance "Body Concert" 
  •  „Creating an exciting puppet world”-  Merlin Puppet Theatre, Germany for the performance "Noose" 
  • „Directing” - Vesselin Boydev for the performances "Hug me!" and "Jack and the Beanstalk". 

The jury gave out three Encouragement awards to:  

  • the performance "Twinkle", Sofia Puppet Theatre for a synthesis between visual abstraction and theater for the youngest with the means of new technologies; 
  • Hristina Stoyanova for bright acting presence; 
  • Ljubomir Zhelev for impressive acting range. 

For the second time, a special award for inspiration "neviDIMO dete" was presented in memory of Dimo Stoyanov - P.I.F. The idea for the prize was Maria Banova's, Dimo's longtime companion on the puppet stage. She presented the award to Lyubomir Zhelev for his roles in the performances from the festival program with his participation. The presentation was accompanied by the sand drawings by the actresses Nataliya Vasileva and Sonia Boteva - fragments of the show "What a Crocodile!", the music of which was composed by Dimo.

The organizers of the festival express their deep gratitude to the Ministry of culture and Municipality Plovdiv; to all participants and guests of the festival; to the volunteers who became part of the team; to the sponsors - for their support to the puppetry art and especially to the spectators, who are the meaning of the work of each artist!

See you soon, dear friends!

Наталия Василева